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Falls Cleaning Products is your partner in clean. We make your toughest cleaning projects more manageable, saving you time and money. We give you control over your cleaning products by custom-blending our cleaners to fit your specific needs.

Proven Performance. Low Price

The real test of a good cleaner is how well it cleans a problem area. Our cleaners are custom-blended and specifically designed for top performance. We stand behind our products and guarantee they will clean as promised. One sample is all you need to experience how Falls Cleaning Products are better than the big-name products on the market, for a fraction of the cost. Customers save as much as 30%, as compared with industry staples, by purchasing direct from our store.


Flexo Ink Cleaners

Falls Cleaning Products produces custom-blended cleaners for the commercial printing. We carry a complete line of cleaning products for flexographic cleaning, designed specifically for UV, LED, and solvent inks and coatings. Read More

Restaurant Cleaners

We also produce a variety of oven and grill cleaners, glass cleaners, dishwashing detergent, and all-purpose cleaners for restaurant kitchens. From our Midwest location, we work with distributors who supply our performance-proven cleaners to clients nationwide. If no distributor is in your area, we’ll ship direct. Order only what you need, whether it’s a 1-gallon bottle or 250-gallon tote. Our concentrated cleaners save you money and storage space. Read More

Quick and Efficient

Falls Cleaning Products makes clean-up faster and easier. This efficiency leads to happier machine operators and cleaning crews, printing plant supervisors and restaurant owners. Quick clean-up corresponds to higher productivity, resulting in better profits for the organization.

Request a Sample

Falls Cleaning Products is focused on finding solutions to our customers’ cleaning problems. To request a sample, order a cleaning product, or find a distributor in your area, call 920-671-4566.

Your Partner in Clean!

Great Product. Great Price

Are you paying too much for your flexo ink cleaner? For performance and value, we easily beat the competition. Save as much as 33% on your next order. How much extra are you paying for clean?

Flexo Ink


Special Blending Process

Show me your hard-to-clean areas, and Falls Cleaning Products will show you a solution. Our cleaners are custom-blended and specifically designed for each customer. We guarantee our products will work for you.

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Fast, Heavy-Duty Cleaning

At the end of a restaurant shift, you need a fast, efficient way to clean grills, hoods, deep fryers, griddles, and frying pans. Our heavy-duty cleaners reduce time and labor, getting you out of the kitchen quicker.

Restaurant Cleaners